Effects of efforts to expand equity in schools the focus of The Educational Forum edited by Simona Goldin and Debi Khasnabis

January 04, 2022

The issue explores how educational efforts which aim to improve and expand equity in U.S. public schools often cause harm instead of interrupt injustice.


The latest issue of The Educational Forum, “In the Pursuit of Justice: Moving Past Color-Evasive Efforts,” is guest edited by Simona Goldin, SOE Lecturer and Research Associate Professor at UNC Public Policy, and Debi Khasnabis, SOE Clinical Associate Professor and Chair of Elementary Teacher Education. The project, originally conceived of three years ago, brings together ambitious thinkers who are investigating the misuse of efforts which intend to improve and expand equity in U.S. public schools, but instead of interrupting injustice, often result in harm. 

The issue, which is now available, features manuscripts by Shanyce Campbell, Odis Johnson, Jason Jabbari, April Mustian, Henry Cervantes, Robert Lee, Peggy Estrada, and Michaela O'Neill, as well as Addison Duane, Simona Goldin and Debi Khasnabis. 

Collectively, write Goldin and Khasnabis in their editorial statement, these authors’ works “create a volume that brings diverse sets of methodologies, including quantitative and qualitative approaches; they focus on a set of wide-ranging  issues; and, they span writing genres in exciting ways. Across this diversity of inquiry, methodology, and topic, they each provide sharp analyses that highlight the ways that systemic  racism can twist, remake, and subsume equity efforts. The chorus of voices represented in this issue has offered sharp scholarship that is rigorous and usable and that holds great promise in opening up how we, as educators, scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and designers of  innovation, can work toward justice in U.S. public schools.”

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Chair, Elementary Teacher Education; Clinical Associate Professor, School of Education