Records of Practice: Means for Engaging Students in the Examination of How the Complex and Adaptive Practices of Teaching Might be Understood and Learned


Mar 18, 2011


Mar 18, 2012
Funding Agency
Center for Research on Learning and Teaching

In this collaborative Investigating Student Learning (ISL) grant funded by CRLT, Charles Dershimer and Simona Goldin will investigate the use of records of practice – multimedia records of what teachers do as they teach and learn to teach – in two distinct Marsal Family School of Education courses: EDUC 118 (Schooling in a Multicultural Society), and EDUC 442 (Science Methods). Dershimer and Goldin will explore how the use of video records of intern teachers’ learning to teach can be used to support undergraduate students’ learning about the practice of teaching. Specifically, they will investigate how the same records of practice might support students’ developing understanding of teaching as (1) adaptive, (2) complex, and (3) learnable around planned goals and the enactment of teaching moves to reach these goals. Further, they will explore how the same records might be used across different courses with different goals; EDUC 118 is a broadly subscribed undergraduate course with many non-education majors, while EDUC 442 focuses on developing the pedagogical skills of teacher education students.

Primary Investigator(s)

Lecturer II in Educational Studies

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