Developing Teaching Expertise in K-5 Mathematics


Sep 01, 2011


Sep 01, 2018
Funding Agency
National Science Foundation

The Dev-TE@M (Developing Teaching Expertise @ Mathematics) project aims to improve mathematics education by designing materials and an accompanying support system to enable the development of expertise in the teaching of mathematics at the elementary level. The project seeks to address two connected challenges in mathematics education: (1) the need for professional development that provides elementary mathematics teachers with opportunities to develop knowledge and skills that are tied to and usable in practice; and (2) the lack of a system that can support such professional learning at scale. The project has four main components:

  • Designing and developing a set of online professional development modules that integrate attention to core elements of professional knowledge, combining essential aspects of mathematical knowledge for teaching with high-leverage instructional practices
  • Creating practice-based assessments designed to provide teachers with detailed and specific feedback for improving their practice
  • Constructing a robust set of resources for facilitators that support the skillful use of modules – this includes materials built into the modules as well as those built around them such as online communities and study groups for facilitators, archives of teacher work samples and facilitator feedback, and online facilitator training sessions
  • Utilizing web-based technologies to deliver module content to diverse settings, enable facilitators and teachers to share, study, and discuss records of classroom practice to improve teaching, and support teachers and facilitators working remotely

Primary Investigator(s)

William H Payne Collegiate Professor of Education and Arthur F Thurnau Professor, School of Education; Research Professor, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research
Clinical Professor, School of Education

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