ES Colloquium: Robin Kimmerer

Mar 07, 2022
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Jeanie Laubenthal
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"Pressing Past False Starts: Systemic Challenges in Redesigning Higher Education Toward Anti-Racism"

In the School of Education at the University of Michigan, despite the powerful anti-racist work many of our colleagues have engaged in, we’ve often found ourselves limited in our efforts to center and institutionalize these efforts. Given this, the intention of this year’s colloquium series is to learn from higher education leaders who have navigated the challenges of cultivating sustainable systemic change at the program level within their own higher education institutions. This year, we have invited several successful higher ed leaders who have done the difficult work of re-visioning and re-designing their school or institution’s culture to focus on uprooting anti-Blackness and embracing anti-racism.

We have asked our speakers to respond to the following essential questions: Given the herculean nature of redesigning a department, organization, or program, and the ways that systemic racism is “baked in” to institutions, how and where do you start? How did you decide what to press on first? What are the affordances and challenges of this work?

We are hoping that this series will provoke many conversations and considerations for change, and that we, as a community, can work together on what we are learning from our speakers and how we are lifting up and making use of their talks in our own institutional work uprooting anti-Blackness and embracing anti-racism. As such, we would like to invite each of you to consider the following question as we engage in the series together: What are the power and the limit(s) of the power of education studies as a program -- what can we do and how might we manage that so that our efforts are fruitful? We are hopeful that this series will be a site of learning and of radical change, across our community. We are aware, especially of the ways that all of us -- staff, students, and faculty -- must be involved in the work of change if we are to uproot anti-Blackness and work for justice together.

Colloquium Leaders:
Simona Goldin, Ph.D. & Associate Professor Jamaal Sharif Matthews

Robin Kimmerer,
Distinguished Teaching Professor and Director,
Center for Native Peoples and the Environment,
The State of New York

Tentatively scheduled for March 7, 2022