CPEP Brown Bag with Anjli Narwani & Sarah Stilwell

Oct 20, 2021
12:00-1:00 p.m.
Event Location

"This doesn't feel like learning"
Student and Instructor Experiences with and Perspectives on Transitions to Online Instruction

What does it mean to be an effective instructor in the midst of a global pandemic? How have attitudes toward school shifted during the COVID -19 Pandemic? Do students and instructors understand one another? These questions are sparked by the transition to online classes as a result of COVID-19, during which much of higher education across the globe endured multiple issues and opportunities for teaching and learning. The current study focuses attention on observing the shift in experience for U.S. and Chinese undergraduate students and instructors who were faced with an abrupt and unexpected mid-semester transition to online teaching. Implications of these important student and instructor perspectives, including ways to better recognize the relationship between course transition to online formats, future instructional, institutional, and cultural aspects about moving classes online will be discussed.

With Anjli Narwani & Sarah Stilwell
Doctoral Students
Combined Program in Education and Psychology
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor