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The EdHub for Community and Professional Learning is the School of Education’s center of online learning for families, community advocates, educational professionals, and policy makers. The mission of the EdHub is to catalyze a global community committed to ensuring that all students experience the joy, power, and love of learning.

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Banner with adult and child sitting together looking at a tablet. Symposium

Digital Wellness Symposium

We want tweens to thrive online, and we want parents/caregivers to have tools for supporting that journey. This symposium offers learning, conversation, and activities about healthy online behaviors.

EdHub for Community & Professional Learning Town Hall

Teacher Shortage Town Hall

The EdHub is hosting a town hall to discuss the ongoing teacher shortage in Michigan: the challenges of recruitment and retention, complications from the pandemic, and possibilities for the future.

MARS logo Continuing Education

Fire Circles Towards Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Indigenous Mathematics Education

We, the M4RS group, will curate readings on culturally sustaining teaching for Indigenous students based on participants' interests.

Teacher with group of mature adult students in class sit around table and work in college library Continuing Education

Advanced Education Technology Program

The UM SOE Advanced Education Technology Certificate is a competency-based teacher certification aligned with the ISTE Standards for Educators—the national standard in K–16 teaching with technology.

Photo of a young group of students reading in a library, overlaid with a graphic and the University of Michigan block M. Open Access

Leading Educational Innovation and Improvement

This program allows learners to take 5 courses focused on educational innovation. Those who complete this course and are admitted to the SOE are granted advanced standing for a master’s degree.

Photo of person from chest down sitting at a desk, taking notes while pointing at a graph, with a laptop in front of them. Continuing Education

Inquiry-Based Learning in Secondary Science Education

Explore inquiry-based and local space/place based teaching and learning, data, and data literacy within secondary science education.

Teacher points at a drawing on a whiteboard while speaking and gesturing at a laptop Continuing Education

Inquiry-Based Learning in Secondary Mathematics Education

Explore IBL and PBL in secondary mathematics. Algebra and geometry examples and pedagogical lesson planning considerations will be provided.

Photo of hands typing on a laptop keyboard, overlaid with graphic of chat bubbles emerging rising from keyboard Continuing Education

Equity in Online Learning for Multilingual Students

Explore how to create equitable and supportive learning experiences for K-12 multilingual students in virtual and hybrid environments.

Teacher of color crouches beside student of color as they work together on a writing task Continuing Education

Anti-Racist Trauma Informed Practice in Pre-12 Education

Explore educational responses to trauma and harm that center anti-racism, healing justice, restorative practices, and collective care.

Creating Fluid Continuity of Learning using a Blended Approach in K-12 School Districts Continuing Education

Creating Fluid Continuity of Learning using a Blended Approach in K-12 School Districts

This self-paced workshop is targeted at school district leaders who are interested in developing a fluid continuity of learning between school learning and home learning using a blended approach.

Drawing of a person sitting at a computer, on which four others appear in Zoom-like windows Open Access

Resilient Teaching Through Times of Crisis and Change

Resilient teaching means facilitating learning experiences that are responsive to disruption, focusing on dynamic learning contexts that may require new ways for students, content & tools to interact.

Photo of an Apple laptop half-opened in the dark Open Access

Problem Solving Using Computational Thinking

The course introduces computational thinking ideas, including real-world cases to illustrate how computational thinking can solve complex problems, and a student project to apply these concepts.

Photo of a person in a black dress lecturing in front of a diverse group of people who are listening closely Open Access

Leading Ambitious Teaching and Learning

Learn why ambitious teaching and learning may be the key to global educational improvement and how to put it into practice.

Photo of four people at a desk; one person is writing on a document while the other three look on. Open Access

Designing and Leading Learning Systems

Learn leading strategies for educational innovation to improve practice, raise student performance, and reduce achievement gaps.

Photo of person writing on transparent wipe board Open Access

Improvement Science in Education

Learn how to apply principles and practices of improvement science to improve educational practice, raise student performance, and reduce achievement gaps.

Photo of a hand drawing a light bulb on a transparent whiteboard Open Access

Case Studies in Continuous Educational Improvement

Learn about leading approaches to continuous educational improvement through case studies of educational innovation.