Stephanie S. Moore

Detroit P-20 Child and Family Support Services Coordinator


Room 4003
610 E. University Ave.
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1259

Stephanie Moore coordinates child and family support services for the Detroit P-20 Initiative, an integrated cradle-to-career public education system located in northwestern Detroit. The campus will offer a full range of services to promote behavioral and physical health, including school-based health and dental clinics, and many opportunities for out-of-school-time learning and enrichment. Stephanie works with a wide range of partners, including the core P-20 partners (Detroit Public Schools Community District, Kresge Foundation, Marygrove Conservancy, Starfish Family Services, and others) and many units across U-M, to develop the vision for these services and ensure aligned, high-quality implementation.

Stephanie started her career as a high school teacher. She recognized that ensuring all students have opportunities to thrive required services beyond what could be provided in the classroom and, in response, has focused her career on the design, implementation, and evaluation of out-of-school-time programming that promotes holistic positive youth development. She has worked for community organizations in Chicago and Detroit, as well as universities, and is committed to making university resources accessible to young people and their families. Her years of work with Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools have been particularly transformative and inform her commitment to education that is empowering, culturally relevant, and joyful.

Stephanie earned her Ph.D. from the U-M Combined Program in Education and Psychology, MA from the University of Chicago, and BA from Wake Forest University.

Selected Publications

Davis, N. R., Marchand, A. D., Moore, S. S., Greene, D., & Colby, A. (2021). Race Ethnicity and Education. doi: 10.1080/13613324.2021.1969901.

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