Missy Cosby

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


(517) 402-1983

Missy Cosby is a postdoctoral fellow working on the Black Youth Development and Curricular Supports for Robust Identities in Mathematics project with Dr. Maisie Gholson in Educational Studies. She has just concluded a 21-year career teaching high school mathematics – a career that greatly informed her research interests and understanding about the sociocultural and sociopolitical nature of mathematics teaching and learning in school settings. Broadly, Missy’s research and interests center on the interaction between social identities such as race, gender, and class and content learning identities such as mathematics or science identities. She is largely interested in how power related to race and gender are at play in ways that impact access to the development of robust mathematics and science identities. More specifically, she engages a range of traditional and novel qualitative methods in conjunction with Black feminist and intersectional frames to study the mathematics and science learning experiences of Black girls and young women.

In her work with Dr. Gholson, she is responsible for multiple facets of curriculum development, data collection and analysis, writing, and mentoring graduate students working on the project. She also works closely with the project’s partner program staff and mathematics instructors. Prior to her role in the School of Education, Missy worked at Michigan State University as a research associate in the Physics Education Research Lab with Dr. Vashti Sawtelle and continues, in a limited capacity, with this work as well.