Michael Bastedo

Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies; Professor, School of Education


(734) 615-3349


Room 2117 C
610 E. University Ave.
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1259

Michael Bastedo has scholarly interests in the governance, politics, and organization of public higher education, with particular interests in stratification, college admissions, and rankings. Bastedo has been a Fulbright Scholar in the Netherlands, research director of the Institutes on Public University Governance, and a Ford Foundation Global Policy Fellow at the Institute for Higher Education Policy. His work has been published in the American Educational Research Journal, Review of Higher Education, Higher Education, and Research in Higher Education. His most recent research, funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Center for Educational Statistics, has been reported by journalists at The New York Times, The Economist, The Times of London, U.S. News & World Report, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and others. He is affiliated with Organizational Studies at the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. He holds a PhD in administration and policy analysis from Stanford University.


Number Course Name Location Days
EDUC 792
Methods in Educational Research: Qualitative

Prerequisites: Doctoral standing or permission of instructor.
Surveys qualitative methods of inquiry as they are currently used in the study of the contexts, processes, and effects of education. Introduces students to elementary statistics, exploratory data analysis, research design, and/or interviewing, narrative and argument analysis, and interaction and setting analysis.

EDUC 761
Postsecondary Institutions as Complex Organizations

Prerequisites: Graduate Standing

Examines colleges, universities, and other formal postsecondary educational institutions, as complex social organizations, through application of basic concepts of organization theory. Discussion focuses on individual, group, organizational, and interorganizational-level variables and approaches to analyzing colleges and universities as complex social organizations.

Selected Publications

“Conceptual and Methodological Problems in Research on College Undermatch.”

Bastedo, Michael N. and Allyson Flaster.  2014. Educational Researcher 43: 93-99.

“Do Charismatic Presidents Influence College Applications and Alumni Donations?  Organizational Identity and Performance in U.S. Higher Education.”

Bastedo, Michael N., Elias M. Samuels, and Molly Kleinman.  2014. Higher Education 68: 397-415.

“Why Are Women Underrepresented in Elite Colleges and Universities? A Non-Linear Decomposition Analysis.”

Bielby, Robert, Julie R. Posselt, Ozan Jaquette, and Michael N. Bastedo.  2014 (in press).  Research in Higher Education.

“Institutional Stratification and the Post-College Labor Market: Comparing Job Satisfaction and Prestige across Generations.”

Kim, Jeongeun, Jiyun Kim, Ozan Jaquette, and Michael N. Bastedo. 2014 (in press).  Journal of Higher Education.

"The Organization of Higher Education: Managing Colleges for a New Era."

Bastedo, Michael N. (Ed.). 2012. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press. (in press)

"Access without Equity: Longitudinal Analyses of Institutional Stratification by Race and Ethnicity, 1972-2004."

Posselt, Julie R., Ozan Jaquette, Robert Bielby, and Michael N. Bastedo. 2012. American Educational Research Journal 49: 1074-1111.

 “Running in Place: Low-Income Students and the Dynamics of Higher Education Stratification.” 

Bastedo, Michael N. and Ozan Jaquette.  2011. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis 33: 318-339.

“College Rankings as an Interorganizational Dependency: Establishing the Foundation for Strategic and Institutional Accounts.”

Bastedo, Michael N. and Nicholas A. Bowman.  2011.  Research in Higher Education 52: 3-23.

“Anchoring Effects on World University Rankings: Exploring Biases in Reputation Scores.”

Bowman, Nicholas A. and Michael N. Bastedo.  2011. Higher Education 61: 431-44.

 “The U.S. News and World Report College Rankings: Modeling Institutional Effects on Organizational Reputation.”

Bastedo, Michael N. and Nicholas A. Bowman.  2010.  American Journal of Education 116: 163-184.

 “Conflicts, Commitments, and Cliques in the University: Moral Seduction as a Threat to Trustee Independence.”

Bastedo, Michael N.  2009.  “Conflicts, Commitments, and Cliques in the University: Moral Seduction as a Threat to Trustee Independence.” American Educational Research Journal 46: 354-386.

 “Convergent Institutional Logics in Public Higher Education: State Policymaking and Governing Board Activism.”

Bastedo, Michael N.  2009.  Review of Higher Education 32: 209-234.

“Getting on the Front Page: Organizational Reputation, Status Signals, and the Impact of U.S. News and World Report Rankings on Student Decisions.”

Bowman, Nicholas A. and Michael N. Bastedo.  2009.  Research in Higher Education 50: 415-436.


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