Margaret Throckmorton

Career Services Coordinator


(734) 764-3578


Suite 1228 G
610 E. University Ave.
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1259

As a member of the Office of Student Affairs and the Career Services team, Margaret manages EdWorks, prepares career-related communications, supports events for students and alumni, and handles purchasing and account reconciliation for her team.

Margaret uses her technical expertise to manage EdWorks, which is the SOE’s portal for career information and job openings. The system also serves as an important database that supports the school’s recruiting and advising functions.

Through her work, Margaret gets to focus on helping education students succeed. She is also committed to serving the SOE’s dije mission by designing and producing accessible materials using best practices.

Margaret is a member of the University of Michigan’s Career Services Network. As a co-chair of the Symplicity user group, she helps others on campus discover and implement best practices for Symplicity CSM, which she uses to drive EdWorks.

Margaret is a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She holds a bachelor’s degree in classical humanities. Margaret has served in multiple customer-facing roles in her career, including at George Washington University and the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses.