David Humphrey

Diversity and Inclusion Officer




Room 1217
610 E. University Ave.
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1259

David serves as the Diversity & Inclusion Officer for the School of Education. He is responsible for enacting and maintaining measures that promote diversity, inclusion, justice, and equity (dije) in the School. 

He works with the faculty lead and other diversity and inclusion leaders on campus to ensure the vision and strategic plan in relation to dije are applied and sustainable for all constituents within the school. David is currently a Ph. D. Candidate at Ball State University (Muncie, IN). His current research interests sit at the intersection of curriculum studies, Black liberation thought, and gender studies. His dissertation is entitled, "In the Wake of Our Womanist Foremothers: Resistance as Signif(y)er Among Self-Identified Womanist Scholars in Higher Education.