COVID-19 updates for the SOE community

The Office of the Provost’s Key Issues web site is the University’s central location for information regarding COVID-19 and questions: 2019 Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 

This page is intended to provide answers to questions we have been hearing from School of Education community members. 

Teaching and Instructional Support

Where can I find U-M and SOE-IT Resources for faculty, staff, and students?

U-M and SOE-IT Resources


What resources are you recommending for initial/basic remote instruction?

Canvas: Enabling and using tools in Canvas is a helpful resource for getting started. 


U-M and SOE-IT Resources is a document with resources that is being updated frequently.

Contact the SOE Instructional Technology team at if you require assistance with remote instruction.

Keep Teaching @ UM includes practical, pedagogical guidance for teaching remotely under different circumstances.

CRLT and the Center for Academic Innovation will post remote office hours here.


What training is being offered to support remote instruction?

SOE Instructional Support is available to work one-on-one with SOE instructors. Reach us at or (734) 764-5427.

Canvas Training Opportunities are announced on the Canvas at Michigan site:

BlueJeans Training Sessions:

Zoom Training Sessions:


What Information Technology resources are there for obtaining hardware or software? 

Brandon Center: The Center's physical space is closed, but staff members can be reached at or (734) 764-5427.

MiWorkspace in SOE: MiWorkspace's physical space is closed, but assistance is available at or (734) 764-HELP.

Hardware: Coronavirus has impacted the supply chain with delays on most custom and some standard configurations.  Ship time on Apple devices remains at 3-5 days for units not in stock.  HP devices other than the HP 840 laptop are running 1-6 weeks on ship time. The MiWorkspace Hardware Request form is the fastest and easiest way to begin your order.

RemoteApp is a service exclusively available to MiWorkspace customers that provides access to university-licensed, Windows applications from any device with an internet connection, including your device supported by MiWorkspace and personal Windows or Mac computers.  Learn how to setup RemoteApp here.

Contact the SOE Office of Information Technology if you have further needs or questions: or (734) 764-5427.


What Do Students Need for Remote Learning?

Information Resources for Students


Computer Needs

When a student reports a computer need to instructors, they direct interns to the appropriate ETE or STE program specialist. The program specialist supports interns to access resources as needed.

Options to share:


Internet Access Needs

When a student reports an internet access need to instructors, they direct interns to the appropriate ETE or STE program specialist.The program specialist supports interns to access resources as needed.

Question: Spotty/Unreliable Internet Access? No Internet Access? or No Internet Providers in Student’s Area

Spotty/Unreliable Internet Access:

  • Contact current internet provider, indicate there is a student in the household, and inquire about increasing network speed.
  • If your cell phone has the ability to be used as an internet hotspot, contact cell-phone provider about unlimited data plan, some are not charging over data overages.

No Internet Access:

No Internet Providers in Student’s Area:

If a student follows the “No Internet Access” steps and there are no service providers in their area, we can look to cell phone providers.

  • Who is the carrier for the student’s cell phone plan?
  • Is the student able to use data on their phone reliably from their home?
  • Does the student’s phone have the capability to be used as a hotspot?
  • Contact cell phone provider, indicate they are a student and inquire about data overages during Stay at Home orders.


Cost Concerns

If a student needs funding for the expenses related to a computer need or internet access, the program specialist directs the intern to Scholarship and Fellowship Manager Eileen F. Brussolo at or 734.936.1829. She will direct them to the financial resource(s) that may best serve their needs given their unique financial circumstances. Program specialists encourage interns to check out the Student Emergency Funding page prior to connecting with the Scholarship and Fellowship Manager.

Student Emergency Funding



Are School of Education offices open in-person?
No, all university employees are currently advised to work remotely. Therefore, offices are accessible virtually. They can be contacted via email, and many are offering virtual services.


Can I work remotely? 

Communicate with your supervisor to discuss your upcoming work plans, whether you are working on campus or remotely. If you will work remotely, complete a Telecommuting Agreement Form.

Check in with your supervisor daily to report on tasks, priorities, and challenges. Your supervisor will work with you on their specific expectations for daily check-ins.

You and your supervisor will establish a standard mode for your check-in meetings (email, phone, Hangout, etc.).

You should plan to respond to email/phone calls promptly unless you use vacation or sick leave during this period.

You should attempt to limit distractions while working from home. We understand that the fluid situation may result in child care or other challenges, and we are asking supervisors to be flexible with unexpected needs that arise. Please communicate any of these challenges during your daily check-in.

Ask for help if you need it.


What if I cannot work remotely or need time off work due to COVID-19 illness or care? 
University Human Resources has offered guidance and additional resources regarding these issues on their website, including information regarding paid time off programs, temporary staff furloughs, and temporary reduction in hours. Please review this information and discuss your needs with your supervisor.


Student teachers, interns, and field work

Information for students in Educator Preparation Programs 

The SOE has developed and continues to develop alternative activities for students in Educator Preparation Programs that will allow them to achieve certification remotely. We have received written confirmation of MDE’s commitment to work with EPP programs to approve these alternative activities that will be conducted remotely. These activities will stand in for field work until schools re-open and it is safe to resume fieldwork. EPP leaders and/or individual EPP faculty members will communicate the details of those alternative requirements. If you have questions, please contact your program chair: 

Elementary Educator Preparation: Debi Khasnabis (
Secondary Educator Preparation: Kendra Hearn (


Obtaining state certification
Although the Governor has made special stipulations for people completing certification programs, the Governor's Executive Order 2020-35 does not waive future requirements for educator credentialing. For questions about certification tests and other certification-related matters, please see the following: You can also subscribe to the MDE Listserv by entering your email here: Then, scroll down to Educator Excellence and check the box next to "Educationally Speaking."


Information for students in non-certification internships (e.g., edMINOR, Master’s degrees)

We are developing alternative ways for you to continue your engaged learning through activities that will be conducted remotely. 

These activities—which are still in development—will stand in for field work in this unusual situation. Internship supervisors will communicate the details of those alternative requirements. 

If you have questions, please contact your internship supervisor. 


Spring/Summer Semesters

Will there be a spring and summer semester?

Yes. Spring and summer semester courses will be conducted remotely.


Events and Meetings

What are the guidelines for events and gatherings in the School of Education?

There will be no events for the duration of the "Stay Home, Stay Safe" order. We will reassess event and meeting policies within our plans to gradually return to normal activity when it is safe to do so.


Is the SOE Commencement Ceremony cancelled?
Yes, unfortunately all University of Michigan spring commencement activities are cancelled, including the School of Education commencement. We will explore how to celebrate our 2020 graduates in the future. 



Can I still travel for University business?

Travel for University business is currently halted due to safety and financial reasons.


Reimbursements and Finance

What are the rules regarding reimbursement for cancelled conferences or business travel?

If an employee has purchased a flight, and due to cancellation has an un-used ticket (or credit), they may utilize that for their next business trip. Most airlines are offering refunds or full credits with change fees waived for flights internationally from 

If your program chair, director, or supervisor approves, they may reimburse the students for their purchased flights. 

Please provide adequate comments in the reimbursement request that states the travel was cancelled due to the event being cancelled and the department is reimbursing the students.


What purchases are allowed under the new financial restrictions?
We must halt all non-essential spending including, but not limited to, travel, conferences, and consultants. As President Schlissel mentioned, funded research projects can continue operations and spending as needed, as long as the projects are complying with stay-at-home orders (no travel, no data collection with human subjects, etc.). You may direct questions about whether an expense is considered essential to your chair, director, or supervisor, including questions about gift funds or non-federal grants.


Emergency Funding & Health Insurance for Students

Is any financial support available to students experiencing emergency situations?

COVID-19 CARES Emergency Assistance
Students may apply for financial assistance from the Federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act by completing an application available through their Student Business page in Wolverine Access. 
Students will need to have completed a 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), or will need to complete and submit the 2019-2020 (by June 30, 2020) or 2020-2021 FAFSA if they have not done so to be considered for this support. 
COVID-19-related costs that may be eligible for funding include medical expenses, unexpected travel costs, or computing/technology costs required to continue studying remotely. Students who apply for said funding are encouraged to provide documentation to support/clarify costs and expenses included in their emergency funding application.
Students’ applications will be considered based on their financial circumstances and eligibility. Questions can be directed to Scholarship and Fellowship Manager Eileen F. Brussolo at 734.936.1829. 

School of Education student emergency funds
School of Education student emergency funds are awarded to students who experience emergency situations, one-time unexpected expenses, or unforseen events.

Please contact Scholarship and Fellowship Manager Eileen Brussolo at or (734) 936-1829 for assistance. She works closely with the offices on campus such as the Center for the Education of Women+, the Office of Financial Aid, and Rackham Graduate School to coordinate and maximize your funding. If your expenses fall outside of the categories listed below, we still encourage you to pursue funding.

Situations which warrant emergency funding include the following:

  • Medical, dental, or mental health emergencies for the student
  • Major accidents and events such as fire and natural disasters
  • Expenses related to the death of an immediate family member

Additional sources of emergency funding
Undergraduate students: Seek support from the Center for the Education of Women+ and/or the Office of Financial Aid.

Graduate students: Seek support from the Center for the Education of Women+, the Office of Financial Aid, and/or Rackham Graduate School.

Note: Emergency funds can adversely impact your previously awarded financial aid. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid with questions.


What health insurance options are available to students?

Having health insurance is important and many of you may have had your health insurance status impacted in the recent months. As such, please review the options below.

MI Expanded Medicaid
Assistance with Medicaid eligibility is available through the Patient Financial Counselors at Michigan Medicine: (877) 326-9155 or email

Blue Care Network re-opened their enrollment for students in need
If you don’t have health insurance, please consider this option. View the Domestic Health Insurance Plan provided to students. The plan is also described at

To enroll please go to Benefit details can be found under "Get Coverage Information."

Please contact Scholarship and Fellowship Manager Eileen Brussolo at or (734) 936-1829 for assistance. She works closely with the offices on campus and will be able to guide you through appropriate next steps.


Coronavirus and Forbearance Info for Students, Borrowers, and Parents



Can I still access the building?

No. When it is safe to do so we will provide instructions for community members to gradually return to the School of Education building, informed by the university plan and strong public health guidance.


How can I prevent the spread of germs in my office and in the building?

Take everyday preventative actions to prevent the spread of germs.

Sanitize high-touch surfaces for both shared and personal spaces frequently.

Work remotely if you are able. 

Follow CDC guidelines.


How are mail and packages/deliveries being handled?

USPS Mail: Mail is being delivered on a semi daily basis and is being secured in the cage of the School of Social Work. Every other day I will be picking the mail up from the cage and sorting in our mail room at the SOE. If you would like me to keep your mail secure and in the locked portion of the mail room please let me know (respond to me or soe.facilities only please). Otherwise, I will be sorting mail like normal and putting it in your mailbox/slot in the mail room.

Packages/Deliveries: ALL, Office Depot, UPS, FEDEX, and Amazon packages and deliveries are currently being held at the carriers local distribution center/building and will be delivered at a future date. Please contact Mike Napolitan ( for more information.


Links to other University COVID-19 resources


Keep Teaching @ UM

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Rackham Resources for Graduate Students

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Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Faculty and Staff Counseling Consultation Office (FASCCO)

Collected resources for students (organized by U-M College of Engineering)

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Repository of Dean Moje's messages to the SOE community (Accessible to faculty, staff, and current students only)


Ask a question

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