Deborah Ball on Equity in Everyday Practice (EDUC 460)

How does edMINOR coursework help us to understand this historical moment and make this world a better place?


"We are living in a time of tremendous rupture of everyday life, in which pervasive patterns of white supremacy, racism, and oppression are hypervisible. It is also a moment in which this rupture in the 'normal' affords opportunities for change. EDU 460 – Equity in Everyday Practice, challenges us to focus on our often unused power for disrupting “normal” patterns of whiteness and racism. We seek to understand more about ourselves and our identities and how the larger patterns of our society and its systems and histories shape us. We will examine the discretion we exercise every day, as we interpret others, make judgments of and interact with them, and carry out routine activities and to see that. Through these everyday practices, we are inevitably contributing to either the perpetuation or active disruption of systemic inequities. Given where we find ourselves in this moment, we will develop and practice skills, insights, and commitments useful in everyday life and work, and necessary for disruption of racial injustice."

EDU 460 – Equity in Everyday Practice
Based on research on equitable teaching practices, this course focuses on communicating with diverse individuals and audiences, listening across difference, supporting learning in diverse domains, assessing learning and impact, giving feedback, designing and leading meetings and convenings, using artifacts and texts, and attuning the work to participants’ experiences and identities.

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William H Payne Collegiate Professor of Education and Arthur F Thurnau Professor, School of Education; Research Professor, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research