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University of Michigan School of Education Centennial
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Dean Moje on the SOE Centennial

Please join us in celebrating the School of Education’s centennial. This milestone inspires us to reflect on our contributions to the field of education. It is a chance to recognize—even rediscover—the people and work that paved the way for our current community. It is a year to reconnect with one another and unite around our shared hopes for education. It is an opportunity to thoughtfully and collectively move into our next 100 years with renewed focus and commitment.

Forty-two years after being the first American university to establish a chair devoted exclusively to education, the Regents of the University of Michigan officially created the School of Education as the twelfth school of the university. Since that day—July 1, 1921—the school has been ever- evolving with new partnerships, academic programs, and research projects.

Help us look back, reach out, come together, and strive toward a more diverse, inclusive, just, and equitable future. Participate in the events we are hosting throughout the year. Share your stories and memories to help us construct a robust and nuanced history of our school. Engage others in our work. And, if you are in a position to do so, please make a gift that supports our students, faculty, research, programs, or collaborations.
Elizabeth Birr Moje
Dean, School of Education

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For over 100 years, U-M has been a leader in the study of education. Together with visionary donors, the School of Education builds on a legacy of significant contributions to forge the future of education.
"We're helping create what today's graduate students understand to be normal for academia."
Diversity, equity, and inclusion—or DEI—are not always terms one hears paired with university fundraising. Higher Education alumna Kat Walsh (’08) wants to change that.
As a leader, principal Jigna Patel understands the importance of capacity building to meet the needs of her school's community.

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