M-ARC Additional Endorsement


The Michigan Alternate Route to Certification (M-ARC) additional endorsement pathway allows practicing teachers who currently hold standard or professional certification in the State of Michigan to add endorsements to their certification while remaining in the classroom. Teachers in M-ARC receive ongoing, content-specific training and development from University of Michigan teacher educators for three (3) years.

During the program, candidates must be placed by their employers to teach in the content area for which they are seeking endorsements through M-ARC. M-ARC additional endorsement candidates begin teaching under interim certificates in their new content areas immediately upon entrance to the program.

M-ARC is a non-credit bearing continuing education offering of the University of Michigan School of Education. The M-ARC program fee is $3000 per year. There is an opportunity for participants in this program to apply to master’s programs at the School of Education. Those who enroll in a master’s program or Non-candidate for Degree (NCFD) will receive graduate credit for a portion of M-ARC program coursework; U-M graduate tuition rates apply to these options, in addition to M-ARC program fees.

Additional Endorsement Pathway Overview

Available Endorsement Areas

Through the M-ARC program, teachers can earn additional endorsements in the following content areas:

Elementary (grades K-8)

  • Elementary Education: All Subjects (K-5) & Self-Contained Classroom (6-8)
    The following endorsements can be added to an elementary teaching certificate:
    • Language Arts
    • Mathematics
    • Integrated Science
    • Spanish
    • English as a Second Language

Secondary (grades 6-12)

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science (Integrated Science, Biology, Chemistry, Earth/Space Science, or Physics)
  • Social Studies (Social Studies, Economics, History, or Political Science)
  • World Languages (French, German, Italian, Latin, or Spanish)
  • English as a Second Language

To determine if an endorsement aligns with your teaching placement, please review the Michigan Department of Education’s Quick Reference: Courses that Can be Taught document.



The M-ARC additional endorsement pathway is open to teachers who

  • hold valid MI standard or professional certification
  • seek to add an endorsement in one of the content areas listed above
  • have completed at least one year of successful teaching practice, with average professional evaluation ratings of “effective” or higher
  • earned a minimum 2.95 GPA in their bachelor’s degree program
  • pass the MTTC in the areas for which they are seeking additional endorsements
  • complete CPR/First Aid training and a program-specific criminal background check
  • have secured teaching placements in content areas that align with their desired endorsement areas in schools within the State of Michigan
  • have documented support from their employers in completing the expectations of the M-ARC program



Participants will

  • participate in M-ARC for 3 years, which includes
    • field supervision by University of Michigan teacher educators
    • seminar sessions during years 1 & 2, led by University of Michigan teacher educators and held at UM-Dearborn (virtual participation may be available).
    • peer collaboration
    • guided compilation of a professional learning portfolio
  • teach at least one course in their desired endorsement content area throughout each of the 3 years in the program
  • complete required documentation for standard certification during the final year
  • remit program fees totaling $9,000 ($3,000 in Years 1, 2, & 3). For detailed payment information, please visit the Payment, Leave, & Withdrawal tab above. Note: The M-ARC program is a non-credit bearing continuing education offering of the School of Education.



What do our participants have to say about the additional endorsement pathway?

Q: What do you enjoy about the additional endorsement program?

A: “The additional endorsement program is an affordable pathway that provides teachers with support as they enter into their new subject, so teachers always have someone to turn to. The majority of program mentors are current or former K-12 teachers, so they understand what is expected of teachers. The class structure of the M-ARC program is set up in a way that allows teachers to focus more on their teaching; the topics that are presented in class are relevant to what most teachers are dealing with in their own schools.”
—Christine Chaparro, Additional Endorsement Candidate, 2017 Cohort

Connect with M-ARC


(734) 926-5654


University of Michigan School of Education
610 East University Avenue, Suite 1225
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1259

Application Deadlines

The program application (link below) is due by August 1. All other documentation must be submitted by August 10 to allow time for 1) University of Michigan certification officers to recommend you to the State of Michigan for an interim teaching certificate and 2) you to provide a notarized copy of your interim teaching certificate to your employer before you begin teaching. You may not teach in your new endorsement area unless a valid teaching certificate is provided to your employer.

Winter (Jan start)
July 1
Program application
August 10
All other documentation

Application Process

STEP 1: Complete program application.
STEP 2: Electronically sign and submit enrollment forms.

Complete the following 2021–22 Additional Endorsement Pathway Enrollment Forms:

  • 2021-2022 Promissory Note
    Keep a copy for your records. Take careful note of the rules regarding early withdrawal from the M-ARC program.
  • Consent to Photograph or Record Electronically form
  • Permission to Be Contacted for Additional Data Collection
    This Notification Letter provides additional details about the university’s data collection practices.
  • Teacher Certification Acknowledgement of Understanding
  • Criminal Background Affidavit
STEP 3: Order a criminal background check.

Order Criminal Background Check via Castle Branch.

This is in addition to any background check you may have done for your employer and is required by the University of Michigan for anyone seeking an interim teaching certificate. No fingerprinting is required.  In addition to entering your full name and date of birth, you will be asked for your social security number, current address, phone number and e-mail address. Cost: $42

STEP 4: Pass MTTC test(s).

Pass all relevant MTTC tests.

  1. Which test(s)?
    Take the MTTC test that corresponds to the endorsement area you wish to add to your certificate and is supported by the M-ARC program. CLICK HERE for a complete list of the certificate/endorsement areas supported by M-ARC.
  2. When?
    Take MTTC tests by the first week of August prior to your anticipated enrollment, to ensure that official results are received by the University of Michigan-M-ARC (Institution Code: 55) in time to recommend you to the State of Michigan for your interim certificate before your first day of teaching. Most subject area tests are offered frequently year-round, but others are offered only periodically. Plan accordingly and register early. You cannot be recommended for an interim certificate in your new endorsement area until your official MTTC scores are received by the University of Michigan.
  3. How will the University of Michigan receive my scores?
    We can only accept test results sent to us directly from the testing center. When you take your tests, please indicate that you want test results sent to the University of Michigan-M-ARC (Institution Code: 55). You may request additional copies of your test results using the instructions on the MTTC website and have the option to request that test results be sent to M-ARC (Institution Code: 55). Allow two to four weeks from the receipt of your request for processing.
STEP 5: Submit proof of first aid & adult/child CPR certification.

Email a scanned copy of your proof of certification to m-arcprogram@umich.edu.

Typically, CPR and first aid certification must be valid at the time you are recommended for your teaching certificate. Please review the MDE’s list of approved first aid/CPR training courses. The course must include first aid, adult CPR, and child CPR. The training must include an in-person component; fully online courses are not accepted.

STEP 6: Submit official transcript.

Minimum GPA: 2.95. The transcript must include the date on which your degree was conferred/awarded by the university.

STEP 7: Submit OPIc score report.

Only for those seeking a world language endorsement.

STEP 8: Submit M-ARC Confirmation of Employer Support form.

Complete and submit M-ARC Confirmation of Employer Support form.

This form, signed by your employer, will serve as confirmation that your employer understands the expectations of the M-ARC program and supports your participation in the program. The applicant is responsible for submitting the signed form to the program.

STEP 9: Submit W-9.

Complete and submit Form W-9.

We do not recommend sending your W-9 to us over email, as it includes sensitive personal information. Please bring the completed form to the M-ARC Welcome (Back) meeting in the fall; forms will be available at the meeting as well. The University’s Financial Services Office requests that we collect this form from you as part of their billing protocol. Per the promissory note, you will receive a bill for interim certification program fees at the end of each program year.

Contact Information


Email m-arcprogram@umich.edu.

Connect with M-ARC


(734) 926-5654


University of Michigan School of Education
610 East University Avenue, Suite 1225
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1259

Payment, Leave, & Withdrawal

Program Cost

For candidates entering the program in fall 2020, the cost of the M-ARC additional endorsement pathway is $9,000 per the payment schedule below:

Year 1: $3,000 ($1,500 due November 15; $1,500 due June 15)
Year 2: $3,000 ($1,500 due November 15; $1,500 due June 15)
Year 3: $3,000 ($1,500 due November 15; $1,500 due June 15)

Candidates should consult with their employing schools for options on program fee reimbursement or support.

Please note that upon withdrawal from the program after August 15, a portion of the program fee will be due regardless of completion status. For detailed withdrawal information, see Withdrawing from the M-ARC Additional Endorsement Pathway below.

Paying the Program Fee

Candidates will receive an invoice for program fees via email approximately one month before the payment due date. To remit payment, please mail a check (with “M-ARC” in the memo line) to the following address:

Student Financial Services
2226 Student Activities Building
515 E. Jefferson
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1316

Tax Implications

The University of Michigan tax department has advised the School of Education that the M-ARC program does not meet the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) requirements to generate a Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement. According to the instructions published by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) our institution may not generate this form “for courses for which no academic credit is offered.”

There is, however, a possible alternative to deduct your costs for the program. IRS Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education (Section 12, page 65), describes allowable work-related expenses: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p970.pdf

The U-M tax attorneys believe that the parameters of our program meet the definition of “education required by employer or law,” as your enrollment in a certification program is a legal requirement to maintain your interim certification beyond the minimum requirements you met to be issued the interim certification initially.  Naturally, maintenance of the interim certificate is also a condition to continue your employment within the related endorsement area.

This section allows students to deduct the cost of their education, including the mileage for traveling directly from home to school and back as well as parking and other incidentals. On its face, you may qualify for this benefit; however, because each program participant’s situation is unique, we recommend that you consult with your tax professional to determine your eligibility.

Withdrawing from the M-ARC Additional Endorsement Pathway

To officially withdraw from the M-ARC additional endorsement pathway before completing the program year, complete this Withdrawal Form.

Fee Due upon Early Withdrawal:

Date Withdrawal Form Completed Portion of Program Fee Due
August 15-September 29, 2020 $150 (non-refundable enrollment fee)
September 30, 2020 – January 20, 2021 50%
After January 20, 2021 100%

Leave of Absence

M-ARC candidates may request a leave of absence if certain life events prevent continued active participation in the program.  If a candidate knows that s/he will miss 6+ weeks of the program related to the birth or adoption of a child, illness/medical situation, dependent care, or military service, it is his/her responsibility to submit a leave of absence request form and email the program at m-arcprogram@umich.edu. Program fees will be assessed for the time of the leave.

Depending on the length of the leave of absence, the candidate may be required to re-enroll for a portion of a subsequent year to complete the program.

Connect with M-ARC


(734) 926-5654


University of Michigan School of Education
610 East University Avenue, Suite 1225
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1259