Transforming Education in an Interconnected World

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Coming September 2023 from the University of Michigan School of Education

The EdHub for Community and Professional Learning in the University of Michigan’s Marsal Family School of Education is excited to announce the upcoming launch of Transforming Education in an Interconnected World.

Developed in collaboration with the Improvement Scholars Network and the Global Systems Improvement Collaborative, the series consists of four massive open online courses (MOOCs) aimed at cultivating a community of impassioned educators, parents, and community stakeholders with capabilities to think globally and to lead locally:

  1. Envisioning Educational Transformation explores the work of building shared ambitions for educational access, quality, and equity, with a specific focus on identifying relationships among global, national, and local agendas for systems transformation.
  2. Reimagining Educational Innovation explores collaborative, continuous improvement as a locally grounded approach that empowers teachers, leaders, parents, and community members to advance shared ambitions for advancing educational access, quality, and equity.
  3. Practicing Collaborative, Continuous Improvement develops foundational capabilities for iterative analysis, design, evaluation, and implementation to address local needs, opportunities, and problems, with a specific focus on improvement science as a general method useful across classrooms, communities, schools, and systems.
  4. Leading Collaborative, Continuous Improvement develops foundational capabilities for organizing and managing educational organizations as learning systems to advance educational access, quality, and equity at a large scale, with a specific focus on engaging all stakeholders as active and valued contributors.

The series will launch in September 2023 with a special edition that includes supplemental webinars, panel discussions, office hours, and other events aimed at building and empowering a global community of local change agents.

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For additional information, please contact Dr. Donald J. Peurach, Professor of Educational Policy, Leadership, and Innovation at the University of Michigan.

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