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EDUC 218 3 Homelessness in Schools and Society: Engaged Practice in School Serving Organizations

In this course students extend what they have learned about U.S. schools and the institutions that serve public schools through extensive and varied practicums in these organizations and institutions. Students will acquire hands-on experience, in work nested inside an institution that serves and supports children, schools, and their communities.

EDUC 395 3 Principles and Practices of Teaching ESL in Migrant Communities

In this service-learning course students explore the language, educational, health, and legal issues facing migrant farmworkers in southeast Michigan. As students come to understand the needs of these communities, they learn and practice methods and techniques for teaching ESL to this mixed-proficiency, primarily Spanish-speaking population.

Crosslisted with AMCULT 361, LATINOAM 3+612, LING 391, RCSSCI 395