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Explore education in your first two years of undergraduate study, be a part of a small community, work with young people, and get guaranteed admission into our junior-level program.

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Alternative Spring Break

The School of Education (SOE) Alternative Spring Break (ASB) program is a week long service learning opportunity for SOE Teacher Education Preferred Admit (TEPA) students during the University of Michigan spring break.  This is a great opportunity for TEPA students to bond with one another, gain education-related experience, and make a difference in the lives of students. In 2019 & 2020, ASB participants travelled to Chicago, IL. Contact Tim Golden (tbgolden@umich.edu) or Laura Mayers (lmayers@umich.edu) with questions.

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Sharae Franklin sits cross-legged on a ledge, smiling at the camera, with columns in the background
Sharae Franklin

Sharae Franklin

Advice for future TEPA students
Never put teaching and the field of education in a box. There are countless opportunities that are already available as well as chances for you to create your own. Try to find classes or volunteer positions where you can be in the classroom and work closely with the age of students you are considering teaching. At the University of Michigan, I took a course called Ann Arbor Language Partnership (A2LP) where I was able to work with a partner and teach Spanish classes to third grade students. This provided an introduction to critical elements of teaching such as lesson planning and classroom management. A2LP, in cumulation with the informative, encouraging, and supportive events provided in TEPA, helped me make my final decision to pursue a teaching degree. TEPA was a program that helped me gain more confidence in my potential of becoming a successful educator. Now, I am teaching overseas at an international school in Bahrain!

Although the field of education can be difficult at times, there is something so beautiful and fulfilling in knowing that each day I have another chance to share love and wisdom with my students in hopes that they one day also achieve their dreams just as I have begun to. The world of teaching is changing, and I believe that people are beginning to see the importance and need of the work we do. So, do not give up, and always remember why you want to become a teacher. Let that be the fuel that allows you to push through, and the fruit from it will be more than you can imagine. All the best, and GO BLUE!

Major: Elementary Education with Mathematics Concentration
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Lawrence Teng in maroon polo, smiling for a portrait photo
Lawrence Teng

Lawrence Teng

Advice for future TEPA students
One of the reasons that TEPA is an amazing program, and the School of Education in general, is that it gives you access to so many knowledgeable faculty and staff who are doing research and teaching around critical issues in education today. Take advantage of this opportunity by asking them as many questions as possible, from education topics to personal advice. You will learn lessons and form relationships that last a lifetime.
Major: B.A. Mathematics with Teacher Certification
Hometown: El Cerrito, CA

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