Room 2229

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Seats 54
Tables 18
Whiteboard 3
Touch screen display control Y
Podium Computer (Mac) 1
Laptop projection with sound (HDMI and VGA) Y
SMART Interactive Screen 1
Document Camera Y
Breakout tables with monitors Y
Videoconference Ready Y
Video Recording Ready* Y
Electrical outlets 56
Ethernet ports 11

*Contact Instructional Support at for details

Because the School of Education is not open on Saturdays and Sundays, this room cannot be reserved on weekends.

Please note that certain classrooms and technology resources in the school require users to be trained in the use of equipment. Appointments for training on the use of specialized classroom or laboratory equipment must be scheduled prior to the first class session in which the classroom or equipment will be used.  (To schedule an appointment or request assistance, email

All School of Education classrooms have one or more Ethernet ports and wireless access points.  

Wireless connectivity to those with U-M uniqnames is through the university’s wireless network (MWireless). Visitors can be granted access to the U-M Wireless network if an appropriate member of the university community sponsors them. (Visit the MCommunity Sponsorship website for more information.)

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