Room 1322 - Tribute Room

Photo of Room 1322 - Tribute Room


Seats 40
Tables 10
Data/video projection with sound (VGA and HDMI) 2
Telephone service (Analog)* 1
Long-distance capable* Y
Ethernet ports 1
Wireless access point 1
10' Electric projection screen 2
Electrical outlets 52
Podium  1
Microphone (by request)** 1
Audio system with speakers Y

* Locations with telephone service may require an authorization code, and/or a telephone or speakerphone to use.

** Contact

A 40-person-capacity meeting room.

Please remember to close and lock all windows and turn off the lights.

SOE-IT can provide training and support for the audio/video technology in the meeting rooms. To submit a request, email

All School of Education meeting rooms have one or more Ethernet ports and wireless access points.  

Wireless connectivity to those with U-M uniqnames is through the university’s wireless network (MWireless). Visitors can be granted access to the U-M Wireless network if an appropriate member of the university community sponsors them. (Visit the MCommunity Sponsorship website for more information.)

Room Telephone: 734.764.8375

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Building Hours:
7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.