Faculty Support

Learn more about supports for faculty regarding grant proposals and management using the pull-down menus below.

To begin a grant proposal submission, please complete the Research Proposal Survey. A member of the Office of Research will contact you to follow up.

Be prepared to include the following information:

  • Tentative project title
  • Name of Sponsor
  • Sponsor deadline
  • Solicitation number
  • Tentative start and end date
  • Draft of budget

All proposals must be submitted to the Office of Research seven business days prior to the sponsor's due date.

The University Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (OSRP) requires a finalized PAF and final proposal four business days before the sponsor deadline.

Calculate your submissions deadlines

Please enter the proposal due date below to determine the internal deadlines for each step of the submission process.

Sponsor Due Date

Faculty are strongly encouraged to contact the Office of Research early in the grant application process.

Resources at SOE

Stephanie Hensel and Chris Tiffany
Research Development

Stephanie Hensel and Chris Tiffany are available to SOE faculty for the following services:

  • Finding funding opportunities
  • Proposal development support for individual investigator and large center awards
  • Management and revision of biosketches
  • Coordination of collaborating institutions and scientists
  • Proofreading and editing of proposal drafts
  • Analyzing proposal reviews and providing feedback
Trish Kraus
Proposal Preparation

Trish Kraus handles the preparation of all grant proposals. Contact Trish at for assistance with:

  • Preparation of grant application packages
  • Creating a budget that complies with University and sponsor guidelines
  • Interpreting regulations and guidelines of program funding
  • Acquiring departmental approvals


Helpful Documents (require U-M login)

  • Sample Facilities statements
  • Indirect Costs and Research incentive descriptions
  • Ballpark budget amounts

The Office of Research helps faculty with the grant proposal preparation and submission process and with monitoring awards.

The research staff can provide assistance with:

  • Framing the structure, purpose, and substance of a grant proposal
  • Crafting the budget
  • Monitoring awards to ensure compliance with applicable laws and sponsor guidelines
  • Assisting with the management of budgets, expenses, and personnel appointments
Edward A. Silver
Room 4115
Edward A. Silver
Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

Edward A. Silver teaches and advises graduate students in mathematics education and conducts research related to the teaching and learning of mathematics. He is currently the Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and the William A. Brownell Collegiate Professor of Education and professor of mathematics at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Chris Tiffany
Room 1360 B
Chris Tiffany
Associate Director of Development, Foundation Relations

With more than 20 years of programmatic and development experience in the education and arts sectors, Chris’ current work focuses on community engagement and research funding. Chris is available to discuss ways to work with foundations and is an excellent resource for providing feedback on proposal drafts to foundations.

Stephanie Lynn Hensel
Room 1046
Stephanie Lynn Hensel
Research Development Manager

Stephanie is responsible for leading research development activities meant to increase the competitiveness of grant proposals submitted by SOE faculty. With over 15 years of research management experience, Stephanie is a resource for interpreting requests for proposals (RFPs), provide feedback on proposal drafts, and working with interdisciplinary teams across campus.

Trish Kraus
Room 1123 B
Trish Kraus
Contract & Grant Specialist

Trish is responsible for all of the pre-award activities relating to grant proposals, making sure all proposals meet agency and university guidelines and deadlines. She acts as a liaison between faculty members and the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) to process proposals through the University’s eResearch system.

Chad Heiser
Room 1123 A
Chad Heiser
Sponsored Projects Financial Specialist

Chad works with both the Office of Financial Planning and Management and the Office of Research, where his primary responsibility is to provide post-award support for sponsored research projects, including monitoring expenses and HR appointments. Faculty should be in contact with Chad as soon as their project is awarded so that funds can be managed easily and efficiently.