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Who is Placed in Special Education? Assessing the Longitudinal Profiles and Academic Achievement of Students At-risk for Special Education Identification

Primary Investigator(s):

Funding Agency: American Education Research Association and the National Science Foundation

Period: 8/16/2017 - 8/15/2018

The primary investigator is Adrienne Danielle Woods.

Adrienne Woods' Dissertation Grant from the American Educational Research Association explores the following questions:

  1. Who is placed in special education?
  2. How does being placed in special education longitudinally affect academic outcomes, behavior, and student wellbeing?

The resulting studies from these awards first identified various trajectories through the special education system, which are predicted by different combinations of child, home, and early schooling factors. The second study contextualized these trajectories within schools, where likelihood of service receipt over time is at least partially dependent on overarching school policies, student-body demographics, and available resources. Lastly, the third study of this dissertation will further explore how placement impacts academic achievement and behavioral outcomes, using propensity matching to compare outcomes among students following various trajectories of special education placement.