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TeachingWorks Transformation Center

Primary Investigator(s): Deborah Ball

Funding Agency: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Period: 11/15/2015 - 6/30/2018

The Teacher Preparation Transformation Center Initiative (TPTCI), developed by the Gates Foundation, is designed to create a diverse national network of teacher education providers that will build—both independently and collectively—effective pathways for the preparation of beginning teachers. TeachingWorks is one of five national centers funded under this initiative.

TeachingWorks will work with other centers and their partners to advance teacher preparation in the United States and to raise the quality of beginning teaching. Nearly two million new teachers will be needed in the next decade; preparing them to a new standard can lift teaching and strengthen its impact. Making skillful beginning teaching an expectation for all students is a commitment to equity and a lever for justice in education.

One part of TeachingWorks’ work will center on direct collaboration with and support for other organizations engaged in teacher preparation. TeachingWorks is well-suited to learn along with others’ efforts and to provide adaptive collegial support. The second part of the work will be to advance the transformation of teacher preparation in the United States more broadly. Teaching Works aims to develop and promote a common professional threshold for beginning teaching. This threshold would include a set of high-leverage practices, specialized subject matter understanding, and specific professional knowledge and commitments.