Jessica Mason

Admissions and Graduate Records Coordinator, Senior

Jessica  Mason, School of Education

Administrative Responsibilities

Jessica provides general administrative support to current and prospective graduate students, faculty, and staff. She manages the graduate admissions process, provides support to the graduate academic programs, maintains current and alumni student records, and provides advising and guidance to students.

Mason supports the following program(s):
Academic Affairs and Student Development
Individually Designed Concentration
Organizational Behavior & Management
Public Policy in Postsecondary Education
Research, Evaluation, and Assessment
Higher Education
Higher Education and Master of Public Policy (Dual Degree)
Higher Education and MBA (Dual Degree)
Higher Education Institutional Research
Higher Education Management and Organizations
Higher Education Public Policy
Higher Education Student Access and Success
Individually Designed Concentration
Diversity and Social Justice in Higher Education
Elementary Teacher Education (ELMAC)




Room 1228