Aixa Daphne Marchand

Doctor of Philosophy in Education and Psychology

Aixa Daphne Marchand, School of Education

Field of Study: Combined Program in Education and Psychology

Year in Program: 2nd year

Age: 26

Geographic Region: West Covina, CA > Miami, FL

Undergraduate: University of Miami

Prior to UM: Before starting at the University of Michigan I taught middle school science in Miami for two years and was an instructional coach for another two years. While teaching I also received my Master's in Education and Social Change from the University of Miami.

Why your program: As an undergraduate psychology major who taught, CPEP was a wonderful program where I could continue to explore psychological processes that affect educational achievement in young minority students. I am Interested in racial socialization in the context of schools, families, and communities and how racial identity may serve as a protective factor and help shape youths academic self-concept.

The best part of SOE so far: The school of education building is such a warm environment. The faculty, staff, and students are all so friendly and helpful. The Brandon Center is also one of the best places on campus to do work either alone or with a group.

After graduation: After graduation, I plan on completing a post doc before getting a faculty position in academia. I hope to conduct research that can inform community programs that aim to level educational opportunities. 

Teach me something! Joining an intramural sport (even as a grad student) is a great way to meet other graduate students and stay active!

Marchand’s program of study:
Combined Program in Education and Psychology




2334 East Hall