Vu Minh Chieu

Assistant Research Scientist

Vu Minh  Chieu, School of Education

Vu Minh Chieu has degrees in computer science and learning technologies. He received his doctorate from the Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium in 2005. His research focuses on intelligent tutoring systems, computer-based simulations, human–computer interaction, and technology-enhanced professional learning. Chieu's research aims at describing and explaining how theories of learning and instruction can be applied to the design of learning technologies as well as how technologies can be designed to build, test, and refine theories of learning and instruction. His current interests include the application of an instrumental genesis approach, artificial intelligence, and a theory of practical rationality in mathematics teaching to the research and development of interactive rich-media learning environments, multimedia authoring tools, intelligent teaching simulators, and communication and collaboration tools. He has been working for a number of NSF-funded projects, including Thought Experiments in Mathematics Teaching II and III (ThEMaT II and III, directed by Dr. Patricio Herbst at the University of Michigan and Dr. Daniel Chazan at the University of Maryland) and Intelligent Teaching Simulator (SimTeach, directed by Dr. Patricio Herbst and Dr. Vu Minh Chieu). These projects are creating and validating resources, models, and tools in an online learning environment ( that supports practice-based learning for mathematics teacher education and development.

Chieu teaches courses in the following program(s):
Mathematics Education


Selected Publications

Book chapters

Herbst, P., Chazan, D., Chieu, V. M., Milewski A., Kosko K., & Aaron, W. (in review). "Technology mediated mathematics teacher development: Digital representations of practice, pedagogies of practice, and research." In M. Niess, S. Driskell, & K. Hollebrands (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Transforming Mathematics Teacher Education in the Digital Age. IGI Global.Herbst, P., Aaron, W., & Chieu, V. M. (2013).

"LessonSketch: An environment for teachers to examine mathematical practice and learn about its standards." In D. Polly (Ed.), Common Core Mathematics Standards and Implementing Digital Technologies (pp. 281-294). IGI Global.


Chieu, V. M., Kosko, K. W., & Herbst, P. (2015). "An analysis of evaluative comments in teachers; online discussions of representations of practice." Journal of Teacher Education, 66(1), 35-50.

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Chieu, V. M., Luengo, V., Vadcard, L., & Tonetti, J. (2010). "Student modeling in complex domains: Exploiting symbiosis between temporal Bayesian networks and fine-grained didactical analysis." Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education, 20(3), 269-301.


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9/1/2014 - ongoing SIMTEACH: What Can Practical Knowledge Modeled in a Teaching Simulator Contribute to Support Mathematics Teaching Learning?
Granting Agency: National Science Foundation


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