Brian A. Burt

Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education, Academic Affairs and Student Development, '14

Brian A. Burt, School of Education

Field of Study:  PhD Higher Education - Academic Affairs and Student Development

Year in Program:  graduated 2014

Where do you HAIL from?  Michigan

Prior degree(s):  Indiana University at Bloomingtion-Secondary English Education; University of Maryland at College Park-master's in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Before coming to U-M:  Coordinator for Scholarships and Special Programs at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland-College Park

Why this program?  I wanted to be equipped with the research skills to be seated at decision-making tables. Because CSHPE has historically been considered a leader in preparing scholars to lead in the field of higher education, CSHPE was my top choice program.

The best part of SOE:  The supportive student community.

After graduation:  Currently Assistant Professor of Higher Education at Iowa State University

Teach me something!  "My Office" (personal nickname for my favorite Ann Arbor restaurant "Chop House")

Burt’s program of study:
Academic Affairs and Student Development