Barry J. Fishman

Professor, School of Information; Professor, School of Education

Barry J. Fishman, School of Education

Barry Fishman's research focuses on the use of technology to support teacher learning, video games as models for learning environments, and the role of educational leaders in fostering classroom-level reform involving technology. He served as an associate editor of The Journal of the Learning Sciences and was a coauthor of the Obama Administration's 2010 National Educational Technology Plan. Fishman also serves as an associate steward for teaching and learning at the University of Michigan.

Fishman's research is concerned with the design and implementation of reform supported by technology. To this end, he is a codeveloper of the Design-Based Implementation Research framework. Recent research includes an National Science Foundation-funded experimental study of teacher learning in face-to-face and online conditions that examines the relationship between professional development modality and changes in teacher knowledge, practice, and student learning. This research builds on prior research in professional development design, including the construction of an online professional development tool for use in curriculum-based reforms called Knowledge Networks On the Web. Another ongoing project involves developing technological supports for early literacy teachers, called Individualizing Student Instruction/Assessment to Instruction. Fishman also conducts research on the design of teaching and learning environments that use video games as models, in particular for influencing student motivation and effort.

Fishman was the 2010 recipient of the University of Michigan Provost’s Teaching Innovation Prize, the 2001 recipient of the Jan Hawkins Award for Early Career Contributions to Humanistic Research and Scholarship in Learning Technologies and the 2003 Pattishall Junior Faculty Research Award from the University of Michigan. His work with the Center for Learning Technologies in Urban Schools was recognized with an Urban Impact Award from the Council of Great City Schools and as a Computerworld/Smithsonian Laureate. He received his AB from Brown University in English and American literature in 1989, his MS from Indiana University in instructional systems technology in 1992, and his PhD in learning sciences from Northwestern University in 1996

Fishman teaches courses in the following program(s):
Learning Technologies
Combined Program in Education and Psychology
Joint Program in English and Education
Teaching and Learning
Program Evaluation and Improvement Research


Selected Publications

Penuel, W. R., Fishman, B., Cheng, B. H., & Sabelli, N. (2011). "Organizing research and development at the intersection of learning, implementation, and design." Educational Researcher, 40(7), 331-337. DOI: 10.3102/0013189X11421826.

Fishman, B.J., Penuel, W.J., Hegedus, S., & Roschelle, J. (2011). "What happens when the research ends? Factors related to the sustainability of a technology-infused mathematics curriculum." Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching, 30(4), 329-353.

Penuel, W. R., Fishman, B., Yamaguchi, R., & Gallagher, L. (2007). "What makes professional development effective?  Strategies that foster curriculum implementation." American Educational Research Journal, 44(4), 921-958.

Connor, C. M., Morrison, F. J., Fishman, B., Schatschneider, C., & Underwood, P. (2007, January 26). "Algorithm-guided individualized instruction." Science, 315, 464-465.

Fishman, B., Marx, R., Blumenfeld, P., Krajcik, J. S., & Soloway, E. (2004). "Creating a framework for research on systemic technology innovations." Journal of the Learning Sciences, 13(1), 43-76.

Fishman, B., Marx, R., Best, S., & Tal, R. (2003). "Linking teacher and student learning to improve professional development in systemic reform." Teaching and Teacher Education, 19(6), 643-658.


Research Affiliations


9/15/2012 - 8/31/2016 Supporting Large Scale Change in Science Education: Understanding Professional Development and Adoption Variation Related to the Revised Advanced Placement Curriculum (PD-RAP)
Granting Agency: University of Massachusetts; National Science Foundation

8/29/2013 - 10/31/2014 A-GAMES (Analyzing Games for Assessment in Math, ELA/Social Studies, and Science)
Granting Agency: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

11/1/2010 - 10/31/2011 Developing and Testing Theories of Implementation: Design Research with Schools and Districts
Granting Agency: SRI International/National Science Foundation

2/7/2005 - 1/7/2010 The Impact of Online Professional Development: An Experimental Study of Professional Development Modalities Linked to Curriculum
Granting Agency: National Science Foundation

8/6/2010 - 1/1/2010 Expanding Access to High-Quality Geographic Professional Development
Granting Agency: National Geographic Society

9/1/2006 - 8/31/2007 Scarlett Middle School Laptop Program Evaluation
Granting Agency: Ann Arbor Public Schools

2/9/1999 - 1/9/2005 Teacher Knowledge, Beliefs, and Technology: Constructing Models of Change in Systemic Reform.
Granting Agency: National Science Foundation CAREER Program

2/9/2001 - 1/9/2003 The Administrators' Reform Community
Granting Agency: The Joyce Foundation

2/3/1999 - 1/10/2002 Expanding the Primary Sources Network
Granting Agency: Office of Educational Research and Improvement/Department of Education

Courses & Syllabi

Term Catalogue Course Description Syllabus
Winter 2012 EDUC 333. Video Games and Learning EDUC 333. Videogames and Learning

Fall 2011 EDUC 601 (SI 549). Transformative Learning and Teaching with Technology EDUC 601 (SI 549). Transformative Learning and Teaching with Technology

Fall 2014 EDUC 601 (SI 549). Transformative Learning and Teaching with Technology EDUC 601 (SI 549).

Fall 2014 EDUC 601 (SI 549). Transformative Learning and Teaching with Technology EDUC 601 (SI 549).


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