Friday, October 26, 2018

The Social Studies Professional highlights Chauncey Monte-Sano


Dr. Chauncey Monte-Sano’s work—conducted in collaboration with Professor Mary Schleppegrell—was featured in The Social Studies Professional, a newsletter of the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS). In the publication, Monte-Sano discusses disciplinary literacy and her work as co-director of Read.Inquire.Write.

A member of NCSS, Monte-Sano’s interview covers disciplinary literacy and the importance of writing in social studies. Disciplinary literacy involves studying the ways that discipline experts integrate literacy into their work. By discovering how social studies experts read, write, and think, researchers can shed light on strategies for teaching practices in the same discipline. Monte-Sano says, “Writing is a gatekeeper in schools and in career advancement. Writing is also a vehicle for civic engagement and action. Last, writing is a significant avenue for learning content, historical (or other forms of critical) thinking, and disciplinary practices that give students a voice in creating and critiquing knowledge.”

Working in collaboration with Schleppegrell, Read.Inquire.Write. offers a curriculum that supports middle school students’ social studies argument writing through reading sources and analyzing complex social and historical problems. It offers tools to help instructors structure these inquiry processes across diverse topics and reading levels. Says Monte-Sano, “Social studies instruction must focus on helping students learn to construct their own interpretations and critique existing knowledge. We can help students acquire the literacy practices needed for this through more attention to inquiry in K-12 schools.”

Chauncey B. Monte-Sano is Chair, Elementary Teacher Education; Associate Professor

Mary J. Schleppegrell is Professor

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