Monday, February 06, 2017

TFA Interim Certification Program will Relaunch as M-ARC


In fall 2017, the School of Education will relaunch the Teach For America Interim Certification Program (UM-TFA) as the Michigan Alternate Route to Certification (M-ARC). This expansion beyond the school’s continuing partnership with Teach For America-Detroit reflects a deep commitment to supporting students in learning the work of teaching in urban educational contexts. M-ARC will include a new additional endorsement pathway that will allow practicing teachers in Detroit and surrounding areas to broaden their impact by adding endorsement areas to their provisional certificates without leaving the classroom. This option will allow schools to fill critical vacancies with experienced, current staff members. Similar to the UM-TFA program model, participants in the additional endorsement pathway will begin teaching under interim certificates in their new content areas immediately upon entrance to the program, and will receive ongoing, content-specific training and development from SOE teacher educators for three years before earning their new provisional endorsements. For more information visit the M-ARC website at or contact the office at 734.764.9712.

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