Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Susan Santone interviewed on WEMU about youth vote


In anticipation of the mid-term elections, Jorge Avellan of WEMU interviewed young adults, activists, and experts in Michigan about key issues and expected voter turnout. Author and SOE instructor Susan Santone was an interviewee for the segment “November General Election 2018: Exploring The Potential Impact Of The Youth Vote In Washtenaw County.”

Santone says students should be taught more about civic engagement at the grade school level and these lessons should be incorporated throughout the school year, which are central concepts in her book, Reframing the Curriculum: Design for Social Justice and Sustainability. “It’s not about teaching kids what ideas to think or how to decide, it’s really about engaging them and looking at issues, looking at situations. Critical thinking, using evidence, evaluating bias. Those are skills that are useful today with the so-called fake news and the manipulation of information that we see. Those are skills that are the bedrock of civic engagement, being an informed citizen,” said Santone.

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