Friday, October 20, 2017

Students Gabe DellaVecchia and Katy Easley compete in Campus of the Future showcase


SOE students Gabe DellaVecchia and Katy Easley, together with Makie DellaVecchia (Eastern Michigan University) and Sid Chhatani (School of Information), are an interdisciplinary team that developed an experiential learning project called Knowledge Village. Their project was accepted into the final showcase for the Campus of the Future competition, after winning the 2017 Innovation in Action competition at the SOE.

Knowledge Village is an online project that simplifies the distribution of knowledge and makes it more equitable for learners by providing access to a diverse population of content experts. Educators will be able to use Knowledge Village’s website to search for nationally recognized experts and arrange interactive online visits with them.

On October 26, the Knowledge Village team will compete among 33 other teams who are presenting ideas to redesign the traditional university experience around the needs of modern learners. These teams are all proposing projects that will change rooms, buildings, and entire campuses at the literal and conceptual levels. Each project will be judged by its effectiveness in responding to a need, as well as its creativity, development, core purpose, and potential to affect learning.

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