Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Patricio Herbst and Amanda Milewski receive one of U-M's top 20 largest grants in new fiscal year


Patricio Herbst and Amanda Milewski's grant from the National Science Foundation for their project, “GeT Support: An online professional learning community to support the geometry course for teachers,” is one of the top 20 largest grants to the university in July, as reported by the U-M Office of Research. The grant is also the only social science project to reach that level funding in the first month of the new fiscal year. 

This project develops and implements a system of professional support for the improvement of the Geometry for Teachers course that mathematics departments teach to preservice secondary teachers. The project convenes a network of college instructors and high school geometry teachers to create an inter-institutional system of professional support anchored in an online platform and a set of common resources: The project will develop a professional learning community that will use, draw information from, and further develop an existing assessment instrument, and that will use the resources of an online platform to interact, and create and share materials for the course. The project team will study the assessment results, and examine the interactions among instructors and materials with the goals of documenting the difficulties that instructors experience and proposing ways in which those difficulties can be handled.

Patricio Herbst is Professor; Chair, Educational Studies; Professor, Department of Mathematics, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

Amanda Milewski is Assistant Research Scientist

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