Saturday, May 06, 2017

Nell Duke talks early literacy on Michigan Radio’s Stateside


Stateside’s Cynthia Canty interviewed Professor Nell Duke about practices that parents can apply to promote literacy. Dr. Duke described the importance of talking with children, allowing children to model reading, and identifying diverse opportunities to develop literacy. Parents should think about developing emergent literacy through exposure to language as they introduce children to knowledge of their world. On the topic of digital media in the hands of toddlers, Duke mentioned a new set of guidelines indicating that certain forms of media can be beneficial to children under the age of five. However, there is large variability in the quality of media created for young children, and parents should be aware that “co-viewing” is the best way to engage children. Duke's book Beyond Bedtime Stories: A Parent's Guide to Promoting Reading, Writing and Other Literacy Skills from Birth to Five provides parents and caretakers with many ideas to promote literacy.

Nell K. Duke is Professor

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