Friday, October 26, 2018

Nell Duke interviewed in Costa Rica's La Nación newspaper


Professor Nell K. Duke was featured in Costa Rica’s Spanish-language newspaper La Nación. In the article, Experta en alfabetización da recomendaciones: Maestro debe leer en voz alta y con gestos,”— which translates in English as “Literacy expert recommends reading aloud and using gestures”—Duke suggests ways to develop the literacy skills of young children.

In her interview with journalist Daniela Cerdas, Duke responded to questions about when to begin literacy education, how teachers can help all students succeed, and what practices teachers may apply in the classroom to ensure good linguistic and cognitive development in preschool and in the first years of primary school. Duke says, “Teachers can compensate children for the lack of reading materials in the home by ensuring there are many reading materials in the classroom. In addition, research shows that when teachers have high expectations about what young students can achieve, that helps them develop.” Duke also shared ideas for parents to help develop their child’s literacy skills.

Duke’s interview coincided with her October 2018 speech at the ProLEER annual meeting held at Harvard University. ProLEER is an international network of early education practitioners, researchers, and policymakers.

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