Thursday, September 27, 2018

Michigan Daily reports student excitement around new SOE minor


The Michigan Daily reported on the new Education for Empowerment Minor in their article “Education School launches new minor that ties teaching and social justice.”

Daily reporter Amara Shaikh interviewed students about their interest in the new minor. Engineering sophomore Radu Tolontan said, “I think it’s a minor for pretty much anybody who likes working with people and bringing power to people.” Education senior Nick Maternowski, also interviewed by Shaikh, explained that the minor presents a new way for students to explore the world of education: “It brings the School of Education more into the rest of the University because often it’s like Engineering classes—you’re not going to take an engineering class if you’re in LSA—and I think for the longest time you weren’t going to take an education class if you were in LSA.”

The minor is made up of one foundation class, three electives, a field internship, and a final capstone course. After completing the initial foundation course, students have the chance to select one of three pathways on which to focus: Children and Youth in Context: Culture, Communities and Education; Advancing Equity through Education Policy; and Education in a Global Context. There is also an option for students to create their own pathway.

Simona Goldin, who teaches popular SOE undergraduate courses and is actively recruiting students into the minor, described the motivations behind the development of the minor and the purpose of the pathways. Goldin said, “It’s really incredible when you have somebody who is studying business and when you have somebody who is studying public health, when you get them into a group to talk to each other, the things that they can do are just exponentially more creative given they’re coming with this different set of expertise. That’s what you get from this beautiful minor.”

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