Sunday, October 28, 2018

Matthew Ronfeldt, Stacey Brockman, and Shanyce Campbell author lead article in Educational Researcher


Professor Matthew Ronfeldt, doctoral candidate Stacey Brockman, and UCI professor Shanyce Campbell authored the lead article in the October 2018 issue of Educational Researcher. The journal—a publication of the American Educational Research Association—presents important new research results of broad significance through feature articles. The article by Ronfeldt, Brockman, and Campbell is titled “Does Cooperating Teachers' Instructional Effectiveness Improve Preservice Teachers' Future Performance?”

Increasingly, states and teacher education programs are establishing minimum requirements for cooperating teachers’ (CTs’) years of experience or tenure. Undergirding these policies is an assumption that to effectively mentor preservice teachers (PSTs), CTs must themselves be instructionally effective. We test this assumption using statewide administrative data on nearly 2,900 PSTs mentored by over 3,200 CTs. We find the first evidence, of which we are aware, that PSTs are more instructionally effective when they learn to teach with CTs who are more instructionally effective. Specifically, when their CTs received higher observational ratings and value-added to students’ achievement measures (VAMs), PSTs also received higher observational ratings and VAM during their first years of teaching; CTs’ years of teaching experience, though, were mostly unrelated to these outcomes. These findings have implications for teacher education program leaders and policymakers who seek to recruit and set requirements for CTs who are more likely to support PSTs’ future instructional effectiveness.

About the authors
First author Matthew Ronfeldt is an associate professor in Educational Studies. His research focuses on improving teaching quality through research, practice, and policy, particularly in schools and districts serving marginalized students. SOE doctoral candidate Stacey Brockman researches the effect of educational programs and practices on students’ academic and social-emotional growth and the equality of student outcomes. Shanyce Campbell is an assistant professor at the University of California, Irvine. Campbell was previously a postdoctoral fellow at the SOE. Her research focuses on understanding how policies and practices influence access to quality learning opportunities for students marginalized by the educational system.

Matthew Ronfeldt is Associate Professor

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