Wednesday, November 15, 2017

John Burkhardt awarded Kresge Foundation Grant


John Burkhardt received a grant from the Kresge Foundation for his project titled “Building Institutional Support for Undocumented Students in Michigan Colleges and Universities.”

The goal of the project is to assist institutions of higher education in the state of Michigan to better serve and to graduate immigrant students from all backgrounds, especially undocumented students. Specifically, the project aims to increase, interrelate, and track the avenues for college success available to immigrant and undocumented students by providing better information to institutional leaders and to encourage the use of this information (and the networks created through increased exchange and shared commitments) to improve relevant institutional policies and practices. Burkhardt’s primary strategies are designed to increase the information flow among colleges and institutions and to spur program integration and policy replication, foster adoption of best practices, and otherwise encourage effective, well-informed services for immigrant college populations.

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