Friday, November 10, 2017

Educational Studies master's student Dexter Moore receives Sims Medal and Award for design of The Brotherhood Internship Program


Spirit of Detroit Awards

Educational Studies master's student Dexter Moore has received the prestigious Sims Medal and Award for his design of The Brotherhood Internship Program. The Sims Medal and Award is intended to recognize a graduate student who has developed the best paper or project contributing to the understanding of the urban community. This paper/project will examine the interactive effects of three separate environments including home/neighborhood, workplace, and school on the functioning of family members. It assumes that experience in one environment will affect behavior in the others.

The Brotherhood Internship Program works in collaboration with local school districts, businesses, community based organizations, and higher education institutions to provide employment opportunities for high school students. Specifically, this program recruits and trains Black and Brown males between the ages of fourteen and nineteen years old. The purpose of the program is threefold. First, it amplifies the traditional educational experience for a demographic of students that are disproportionately impacted by the school to prison pipeline. Secondly, the program establishes positive connections between community members and young men of color. Too often we hear society demonize and criminalize our future leaders. This opportunity helps disrupt the fear that many elders have about urban youth. Lastly, this program supports families by investing in their children. Participating students earn a competitive stipend that allows them to practice financial independence. Students earn the capital to invest in their college savings, purchase their own school clothes, or help contribute to a family expense. Far too often, boys and men of color are considered undesirable employees. This program exposes youth and business owners to the social capital that exists right here in our own communities.

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