Saturday, April 14, 2018

Don Peurach co-organizes academic symposium in conjunction with Carnegie Summit on Improvement in Education


In an April 12 blog post on the Education Week website, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Ash Vasudeva wrote about the inaugural "Academic Symposium" that took place in conjunction with the 5th Annual Carnegie Summit on Improvement in Education. The symposium was organized by SOE Professor Don Peurach and Jenn Russell (University of Pittsburgh).

Vasudeva’s article, “Bridging Research and Practice Through a Scholarship of Improvement,” explored the symposium’s purpose “to showcase and strengthen efforts that integrate research and practice to increase equitable opportunities and outcomes in P-16 education.” In the Education Week blog, Vasudeva identified major trends and takeaways from the symposium, including the drivers and challenges of work on educational improvement, and the potential promise of scholarship of improvement for redressing inequities. 

Peurach and Russell structured the sessions around three overarching topics in systems improvement:

  • Elaborating the scholarship of improvement, in which participants identified types of improvement research, from examining the impacts of policy and governance reforms to examining the impacts of project and program implementation.
  • Organizing to advance the scholarship of improvement featured researchers from diverse organizations—including the Strategic Education Research Project and the National Implementation Research Network—who identified strengths and challenges to doing their work in the larger field.
  • Institutionalizing the scholarship of improvement, where participants described and discussed possible ways to support and advance the work of a collaborative effort, including how these diverse groups might work together through federations, alliances, or associations.

Donald J. Peurach is Associate Professor

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