Monday, March 26, 2018

Catherine Reischl receives Ginsberg Exploration Grant


Professor Catherine Reischl was awarded a $5000 Ginsberg Exploration Grant from the U-M Ginsberg Center for her project titled “Putting academic access into practice for 4th – 8th grade English language learners.”

This Ginsberg Exploration Grant project is a collaborative research and professional development project between the School of Education and Ann Arbor Public Schools that is intended to increase access to academic content area instruction for 4th – 8th grade linguistically and culturally diverse students. The work will focus initially within the Mitchell Scarlett Partnership and the southeast quadrant of schools in Ann Arbor, as these serve high percentages of low-income immigrant learners.

Dr. Catherine Reischl and a doctoral student will work with English language development teachers and 4th – 8th grade classroom teachers to document innovative and effective collaborative practices that provide students who are learning English with equitable access to the academic curriculum. This work will include observations, interviews, participation in classroom settings, and review of practitioner-based and academic resources.

The team will synthesize and refine these practices to create a handbook and professional development sessions that will be used to advance the practices of other ELL teachers and classroom teachers in the district. This collection will serve as an initial set of core “academic access practices” that can be initiated by ELL and classroom teachers; it is a collection that will grow and develop over time.

Cathy Hindman Reischl is Clinical Professor

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