Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Camille Wilson and team receive the “Spirit of 482Forward” award


Professor Camille Wilson and her Community-based Research on Equity, Activism, and Transformative Education (CREATE) research team was recently awarded the “Spirit of 482Forward” award for being an excellent partner to 482Forward, a community-based organization of education organizers in Detroit. The adult and youth organizers work to influence democratic, equitable, and justice-driven school reform in Detroit by actively lobbying political and civic officials, engaging in multiracial/multiethnic coalition building, educating their neighbors through social media and the expressive arts, and implementing an array of grassroots political strategies to advance local and inclusive school governance.

The U-M CREATE team has worked with the organization since May 2015 to conduct multiple case studies of their organizers’ learning, leadership, and educational reform influence. Team members have also collaborated with 482Forward's research committee to train their members to use participatory action research (PAR) methods so they can study pressing educational issues in Detroit and gather credible evidence related to their reform campaigns. Such campaigns have related to increasing special education equity and school closure prevention. Over the years, CREATE researchers have included Wilson and Educational Studies students (and alumnae) Kimberly Ransom, Dana Nickson, Carolyn Hetrick, Naomi Wilson, Helen Lee, Erika Reece, and Briana Coleman. Master’s student Jeremy Horne recently joined the CREATE team as well. U-M CREATE is drawing upon its data to contribute to a wider understanding of community-based, educational leadership and the role educational advocacy and activism can play in democratic education and urban school improvement.

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