Thursday, November 09, 2017

Book published to honor the scholarship of Professor Emerita Diane Larsen-Freeman


 Complexity Theory and Language Development: In celebration of Diane Larsen-Freeman book cover

A Festschrift was published in honor of Professor Emerita Diane Larsen-Freeman. The book, titled Complexity Theory and Language Development: In celebration of Diane Larsen-Freeman, was edited by Lourdes Ortega (Georgetown University) and ZhaoHong Han (Teachers College, Columbia University).

As a traditional academic text that celebrates the work of a scholar, this particular Festschrift presents current ideas about second language development, and it is a tribute to Larsen-Freeman’s decades of intellectual leadership in the academic disciplines of applied linguistics and second language acquisition. The chapters therein range from theoretical expositions to methodological analyses, pedagogical proposals, and conceptual frameworks for future research. The book is aimed at researchers in applied linguistics, second language acquisition, bilingualism, cognitive psychology, and foreign language education.

Larsen-Freeman, a linguistics doctoral graduate of the University of Michigan, returned to the university in 2002 following appointments at UCLA and the Graduate SIT Institute. She directed Michigan's English Language Institute and then became a Research Scientist at the ELI. She retired in 2012 as a professor emerita of education and of linguistics. Since then, she has been a Visiting Senior Fellow in the Educational Linguistics Division of the Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania.

Diane Larsen-Freeman is Professor Emerita, School of Education; Professor Emerita, Department of Linguistics, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts; Research Scientist Emerita, English Language Institute

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