Friday, June 22, 2018

Alumnus and teacher of the year Luke Wilcox discusses salient education topics in Bridge Magazine feature


After traveling around the state for a year, alumnus Luke Wilcox is completing his term as Michigan Teacher of the Year. He spoke at conferences and attended State Board of Education meetings as part of his honorary duties. In an interview with Bridge Magazine, he addressed several prominent topics in education, such as standardized testing, school choice, and school shootings.

Regarding standardized tests, he explains that a diminished focus on content and a greater focus on student communication and collaboration would lead to more success for students later in life. “If we really want to value students being able to communicate and collaborate, let’s figure out a way to measure that,” he said. “Because if you start to measure teachers and schools that way, guess what happens in classrooms—more of that stuff.”

Reflecting on his 12-month term spent in consideration of these topics, Wilcox said, “If you properly fund schools, you have kids who are poor, who come from single-parent families, and they have access to the best curriculum and the best teachers, that’s what public education is all about. That’s why we created public education, so that every family and every kid has the opportunity to be successful.” He will return to his math classroom at East Kentwood High School in the fall.

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