Monday, November 06, 2017

Alumna Molly Berwanger quoted in Hometown Life about Wayne Memorial Bright Futures


Bright Futures is a project that provides supportive programs to students at five Michigan schools, including Wayne Memorial High School. This after-school program—active for a decade—recently held a celebratory open house. Bright Futures reaches students in grades 2-12, allowing them time to do homework after school and offering arts and crafts enrichment.

SOE alumna Molly Berwanger (AB ’09, AM ’11) is the site coordinator for Bright Futures at Wayne Memorial. Building empathy is one focus of her work, and she explains that they offer social and emotional learning as well as empathy and emotional management. She also teaches mindfulness, having students breathe slowly to start each day and ensuring that students can be themselves at Bright Futures while also trying new things. She admits that “the focus, especially in high school, is to get [students] to successfully take tests.” Her focus, instead, is to “get them to the test."

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