Monday, November 20, 2017

Aixa Marchand and Matt Diemer receive grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service


The Corporation for National and Community Service awarded doctoral student Aixa Marchand and Professor Matt Diemer a grant for their project titled “Parental Critical Consciousness: Conceptualization, Measurement, and Links to Parental School Engagement.”

Using Critical Race Theory (CRT) to understand the ways in which race influences Black parents’ experiences and participation within the public educational system and infrastructure, this mixed-methods study will explore Black parents’ critical consciousness (CC). Parental CC is hypothesized to relate to the ways Black parents critically engage with their children’s schools. To explore these open questions, qualitative interviews will be conducted with approximately 20 Black parents in Southeastern Michigan. The results of these interviews will be used as the foundation of a new instrument to measure parental CC.

Aixa Daphne Marchand is Doctor of Philosophy in Education and Psychology

Matthew Diemer is Professor

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