GSCO/BET Graduate Student Conference

Embracing Tensions for Equity: Bridging Research, Policy, & Practice in Education
Friday, March 15, U-M School of Education

Welcome Lunch & Keynote Panel
12:00 - 1:15 p.m.
Prechter Laboratory - Room 2202


Rosalie DeFino
Co-chair of GSRC
Laura-Ann Jacobs
Co-chair of GSRC and GSCO


Paulina Fraser
Naomi Wilson

Panel Introductions

Ebony Perouse-Harvey
Co-chair of GSRC and GSCO

Keynote Panel: 
Embracing Tensions for Equity

Charles Wilkes
Dr. Maren Oberman
Dr. Alistair Bomphray
Dr. Maisha Winn

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Session A: Paper Presentations, Roundtable Presentations, & Workshop
1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

Paper Presentations
Room 2228

Early Childhood Education: Who Applies, and How Do Educators Take Up Pedagogical Practices?

Faculty Discussant: Dr. Elizabeth Davis
Graduate Student Chair: Maggie Hanna

  • Anna Shapiro
    ES PhD candidate
    If you offer it, will they come? Patterns of application and enrollment behavior in a universal prekindergarten context
  • Amanda Ketner
    ES PhD student
    Who makes the best implementer? Examining teacher experience and education in early childhood education in a cluster-randomized trial in Chile

Paper Presentations
Room 2320

Critical Perspectives on Representation and Teaching Practice

Faculty Discussant: Dr. Chandra Alston
Graduate Student Chair: McKenzie Campbell

  • Paulina Fraser
    ES PhD student
    Representation and the (re)construction of self: A literature review on historically marginalized groups in curricula
  • Rosalie DeFino
    ES PhD student
    Naming tensions and uncertainties: Attending to race and racism in the work of elementary mathematics teaching

Roundtable Presentations
Room 2310

Intersectional Studies

Graduate Student Discussants: Darrius Robinson & Seanna Leath

  • Channing Mathews
    CPEP PhD candidate
    Mapping the intersections of ethnic racial identity and critical consciousness
  • Ashley Jackson
    ES PhD student
    Using intersectionality to highlight the desires of Black girls: Implications for science education
  • Rae Charles Harge
    ES MA student
    Dancing to the beat of a different drum: One educator’s search for liberatory dance education

Room 2346

Who We are Matters: Methodological Considerations Regarding Positionality, Identity, and Researcher Reflexivity

Faculty Discussant: Dr. Maisie Gholson
Graduate Student Chair: Andwatta Barnes

  • Carolyn Hetrick
    ES PhD student
  • Laura-Ann Jacobs
    ES PhD student
  • Naivedya Parakkal
    ES PhD student

Session B: Paper Presentations, Roundtable Presentations, & Panel Discussion
2:45 - 3:45 p.m.

Paper Presentations
Room 2228

Self-Study of Teaching Practices to Support Emergent Bilingual Students

Faculty Discussant: Dr. Deborah Ball
Graduate Student Chair: Anna Shapiro

  • Mina Hernandez Garcia
    ES PhD student
    How does a teacher use Spanish and English to support newcomer emergent bilinguals’ language development and learning of content?

Paper Presentations
Room 2320

Youth Engagement with Disciplinary Practices

Faculty Discussant: Dr. Mark Hoover
Graduate Student Chair: L. Joy Johnson

  • John-Carlos Marino
    ES PhD student
    Understanding elementary students’ initial beliefs about evidence in the disciplines and school subjects of science and history
  • Jacqueline Handley
    ES PhD student
    An exploration and complication of youth approaches to community engineering problem definition

Roundtable Presentations
Room 2310

Meta-pedagogy: Fostering Inquiry, Risk Taking, & Content Knowledge in Teachers

Graduate Student Discussants: Nic Boileau & Amber Bismack

  • Mollee Schultz
    ES PhD student
    What predicts inquiry-oriented instruction in college mathematics instruction?
  • Saba Gerami
    ES PhD student
    Teacher intellectual risk taking: Towards student-centered mathematics classrooms
  • Mike Ion & Claudine Margolis
    ES PhD students
    Sources of justification for college geometry instructional actions

Panel Discussion
Room 2346

What’s Good: A Conversation with Women of Color and the Academy

Graduate Student Discussants: Ebony Perouse-Harvey & Laura-Ann Jacobs

Graduate Student Chair: Asya Harrison

Ashley Jackson
Christina Morton
Naivedya Parakkal
Christine Quince
Jenny Sawada
Crystal Wise
Core Members of the Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop Women of Color and the Academy

The Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop Women of Color and the Academy was originally developed in response to a need for space where historically marginalized groups can reflect on their experiences and think deeply about the ways they see themselves contributing to their school and larger communities in ways that are sustaining. Often in academic contexts, women, particularly women of color, have these conversations in contexts where we have limited opportunities to engage with relevant issues in ways that center our experiences and perspectives. This workshop hopes to serve scholars in education and other disciplines by providing space to gather and talk about representation and positionality with participants, across race and gender identities, where the voices of women of color are centered.

Session C: Paper Presentations, Roundtable Presentations, Poster Session, & Art Installation
4:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Paper Presentations
Room 2228

Admissions, Advising, and Attainment in Higher Education

Faculty Discussant: Dr. Vilma Mesa
Graduate Student Chair: Jarell Skinner-Roy

  • Xiaoyang Ye
    CSHPE PhD candidate
    Human instruction vs. machine learning: Experimental evidence on improving college access and match at scale
  • Cassandra Arroyo
    CSHPE MA student
    The effects of undergraduate debt on graduate school attainment

Paper Presentations
Room 2320

Participation in Professions: Legal Clinics and Teachers Entering the Workforce

Faculty Discussant: Dr. Mary Schleppegrell
Graduate Student Chair: Yvonne Garcia

  • Amy Fulton & Katie Shoemaker
    CSHPE PhD candidates
    Skill development through clinical legal education: A situated learning approach
  • Emanuele Bardelli
    ES PhD candidate
    Labor market outcomes for teachers endorsed in high needs areas

Roundtable Presentations
Room 2310

Issues of Empire, Immigration, and Diaspora

Graduate Student Discussants: Kim Ransom, Parker Miles, & AC Webre

  • Amel Omari
    PhD student in School of Public Health
    Constraints on the health benefits of citizenship for racialized French immigrants
  • Naivedya Parakkal
    ES PhD student
    Education as a mode of concealment: How empire, capitalism, and colonial/modern education drive the climate crisis
  • Naomi Wilson & Dana Nickson
    ES PhD candidates
    Home embodied: Two Black women’s exploration of diasporic educational justice

Poster Session
Room 2346

  • Adam Bennion
    ES PhD student
    Preservice elementary teachers’ exposure to the science practices in a physics course
  • Joselin Cisneros & Barbara Diaz
    CSHPE MA student & undergraduate senior
    Building institutional support for undocumented students in Michigan public colleges and universities
  • Bayan Founas, KeAndra Hollis, & Taylor Smith
    ES MA students
    School discipline in Ann Arbor Public Schools district
  • Chikyi Lau
    ES MA student
    Teacher perspectives in the implementation of Hong Kong curriculum reform: A literature review
  • Sasha Mejia & Mina Hernandez Garcia
    ES MA and PhD students
    The correlation between English Language Learners’ self-efficacy in math, parental education, and academic achievement in math
  • Maria Militizer
    PhD student in School of Public Health
    Learning from our community: Improving language access for Spanish-speaking immigrants in Washtenaw County
  • Juliya Wicklund & Priscila Papias
    ES MA students
    School’s out: Fostering social justice through environmental education
  • Yutong Wu
    ES MA student
    The approach to educational equity in China: The reform of China’s college/university entrance examination (Gaokao)

Art Installation
Room 2346

  • Laura-Ann Jacobs
    ES PhD student
    Women of Color and the Academy