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Web Grades and Grade Changes

Contact: Margaret Throckmorton, Career Services Assistant, Teacher Certification Officer
Last modified: November 14, 2014

Registrar’s Office:

Final grade submission for a term begins after the grade rosters have been generated. Grade rosters for full term classes are generated on the last day of classes for the term. Classes that meet less than the full term (first half, second half and mini’s) will have their grade rosters generated on the Friday of the week the class ends. After grade rosters are generated for a class, instructors enter and submit student grades using Wolverine Access – Faculty Business and then selecting Faculty Center. For more information, view the Job Aid and Software Demonstrations link.

Grades are due 72 hours after the final exam is given or 72 hours from the due date of the work submitted by the student(s) if there is no final exam. Please see the 8.D.10 Grades in the Faculty Handbook for additional information on grading and deadlines. 


If you are an instructor of one or more of the following types of courses, you will receive email notification that grade rosters have been generated from the Office of Student Affairs, School of Education with the subject line: GRADE ROSTERS.

  • An EDUC, EDBEHAVR, or EDCURINS regular course (seminar, lecture, etc.)
  • An EDUC independent study course
  • A cross-listed or meet together course with EDUC, EDBEHAVR, OR EDCURINS

For your information, the following courses are classified as independent study courses:

EDUC 310 Independent Study
EDUC 317 Observation and Participation in Educational Settings
EDUC 320 Honors Independent Stud
EDUC 470 Independent Study in Higher and Postsecondary Education
EDUC 640 Independent Study in Educational Studies
EDUC 655 Directed Research in Educational Studies
EDUC 657 Practicum in Educational Studies
EDUC 728 Practicum in Learning Technology Design
EDUC 767 Research Practicum in Higher and Continuing Education
EDUC 770 Independent Study in Higher and Continuing Education
EDUC 789 Research Apprenticeship
EDUC 798 Teaching Apprenticeship
EDUC 835 Independent Study
EDUC 990 Dissertation, Precandidacy
EDUC 991 Prelims Part A
EDUC 992 Prelims Part B
EDUC 995 Dissertation, Candidacy

Note: The posting of the grade for an independent study course is important since the course may be a substitution for a required course for conferral of a degree or to advance to candidacy. Please check your Faculty Center information if you are not sure whether or not a student registered with you for independent study.


When you click on the grade roster icon, the system may default to a term other than the current term. If this happens, click on the change term button to display all terms and choose the current term.

Remember to complete this vital step in the grade submission process; it is easily overlooked: After grades have been verified, change Approval Status to Approved. Approved submits the grade roster for posting to the student record. Then click SAVE.

An automatic system-generated email will be sent to all Approvers on the grade roster to confirm the grade roster has been approved and submitted.

After saving the grade roster with an Approved status, review the Grade Roster Submittal Confirmation by scrolling down to the bottom of the grade roster page.

Why is it important to post your grades on time? Missing or late grades CAN and DO affect a student’s insurance eligibility, loan distribution, overall credits, GPA, graduation approval, and advancement to candidacy for doctoral students. One missing grade can prevent a student’s ability to receive car and/or health insurance. A student CANNOT receive credit for a course if it is not graded.

Since you may have a student on your roster who has applied to graduate, your cooperation in posting your grades in a timely manner will be appreciated by those involved in the degree audit process. A missing grade in a required course is reason to deny the conferral of the degree.

What happens if…

What happens if a student’s name does not appear on your grade roster?
Please direct the student to the Office of Student Affairs, Suite 1228 for assistance with registering for your course.

What happens if a student’s name appears on your grade roster and you have never seen him/her in class?
In this scenario, it is likely that the student did not take the necessary steps to officially drop the course. The appropriate grade to enter for the student is NR (No Report). Please direct the student to the Office of Student Affairs for assistance with correcting the registration.

What happens if a student’s name is on the wrong grade roster?
In this scenario, the student could be registered in the wrong section and did not take the necessary steps to correct the registration. The appropriate grade to enter for the student is NR (No Report). Please direct the student to the Office of Student Affairs for assistance with correcting the registration.


If you have questions not covered in the resource materials, contact the ITS Help Desk at 734.936.7000 or send an e-mail to