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Typography Guide

Last modified: January 14, 2016

Typography is an essential piece of the SOE identity system. The consistent use of the selected font families throughout SOE applications adds to a cohesive visual style.

The School of Education recommends two varieties of fonts within the serif and san serif families. Each one has a default font used on all computers and provides you with a no cost choice. The other font is purchasable if the unit decides to make it available on their computers.


Garamond (default font on all computers – no fee)

Minion Pro (Purchase)

San Serif

Arial (default font on all computers – no fee)

Helvetica Neue (Purchase)


Arial (default font on all computers – no fee)


Find a wealth of information about typography and branding on the University of Michigan branding site.

The School of Education is in strict alignment with the University of Michigan branding.