Forms & Guidelines

Staff Photos on SOE Web Directory and Hallway Photo Boards

Last modified: January 14, 2016

Written: February 2011

For use by: Administrative Human Resource Office and Office of Communications

Human Resources (HR) unit, Mia Bell will send a PCN notification message when a permanent staff member is hired. The message will include the person’s name and the most accurate title as approved by HR as well as any other relevant information. This pcn message will trigger the web team to add the person’s name, title, and appropriate information to the SOE website directory and it will alert the design team that they need to take a photo of the person. The photo will be used on the SOE website directory and on SOE’s west hall staff photo board, as well as other materials if and when necessary.

HR has set up an “On Boarding” process that requires all new hires to meet with HR/Rima Berry-Hung in person to inform them of various topics before they begin their employment with the School of Education. At that point, HR will explain to the new hires that they are to contact to set up a time to have their photo taken and to have a name badge ordered. HR will inform them at that time that their photo will be displayed on the SOE website directory and will also be posted on the staff photo board.

Photo consent forms will not be used as the university’s Office of the General Counsel advised that they were not necessary. If a person requests that their photo not used at any time or for any reason, then HR will send an email to and informing the web and design teams of the employee’s request. The web team will add a note to the person’s record on the SOE website directory indicating their refusal and the date they refused.

When an employee requests that his/her image not be used, the communications team will make an effort to identify the person and will do their best to make sure any they not appear in subsequent photos. Because of the nature of events and photo shoots, it is not always possible to avoid specific people in public crowds. But the team will do their best to edit photos before using on materials.

The communications team will follow up with the new employees if they fail to contact soecommunications to set a photo shoot session.

Once the photo is taken, it will be given to soeweb team to put up on the website and, in the fall of that year, the photo will be printed and posted on the staff photo board.

Written by: Yvonne Pappas
Approved by: Lori Helvey